To get the scholarship you need to fund your education, it’s not enough to just apply to as many scholarships as possible; you need to get creative and stand out from the thousands of other students applying for the same scholarship. But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start! If you’re worried about losing precious time hunting down information on how to find and apply for scholarships, there’s help available that can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Our Top Picks

1-bemoacademicconsulting :

One of the best features of this college scholarship consultant services is that they provide free scholarship searches. They also have a variety of scholarship directories for students to hire scholarship consultants for their needs. The cons are that there is no customer service or contact information provided on the site.

2-Academic Workshop Inc.:

One of the pros about this company is that they offer workshops in person or online which are designed to help students navigate the world of college planning. The cons are that not all workshops are available in all states and prices for seminars can vary.

3-Scholarship America:

One pro about this company is that they offer scholarship grants as well as resources like financial aid advice from experts who specialize in postsecondary education financing.

5-Scholarship Shark:

The pros of this scholarship shark is that they offer a free search for scholarships for students. They also provide information about financial aid available for college, and tips on how to succeed in school. The cons are there is no specific contact information provided as well as any social media links.

4-scholarship gold consulting

This company offers a step-by-step guide on how to win scholarships. The pros are that they provide information about various scholarships that students can apply for as well as providing online access. The cons are they do not provide any contact information or reviews.


This company offers services such as college planning guides and case studies. One pro is that there is no contact information provided, but instead requires students to fill out a form with their questions if necessary.


This company provides information about financial aid, student loans, and employment opportunities for college graduates which can be helpful for recent graduates looking into making a career change into other fields of study.

NegXY Concept is another great resource for students. They offer resources including blog posts and updates on the latest happenings in higher education. There is no contact information provided on their website, but it does list an email address. The pros are they provide personal stories of real people with experience getting scholarships while attending college and trying to pay off debt at the same time.

9-sixth season scholarships:

Sixth Season Scholarships has been around since 1998, so you know it’s going to be reputable! Their articles discuss different types of schools which may include public colleges, private colleges, or small liberal arts colleges, different levels of degrees (Associate’s degree vs Bachelor’s degree), geographic location (like New York City) and more.

North Pole Consultant’s motto is Helping kids afford college one scholarship at a time. With free membership and limited results returned by their database, North Pole Consultant would work best for high school seniors who need only one scholarship to help them afford college.

ASM Education

ASM Education offers both educational consulting services for students as well as scholarship guidance for parents. Our top-notch education consultants have the expertise necessary to help students find their best-fit schools. We have teamed up with over 350 colleges in the US including prestigious Ivy League institutions such as Yale University, Princeton University, and Dartmouth College. All of these schools are a part of our Private College Consultant Network (PCCN).
We also specialize in matching families with scholarships that are tailored to their unique needs. Our team is comprised of award-winning professionals who know how to find the right opportunities for your specific situation. This includes things like need-based scholarships or merit-based scholarships that you may qualify for based on your academic background or extracurricular activities.

WES International

WES International offers a comprehensive scholarship search process that includes a variety of ways for students to find scholarships. The company offers two levels of service with WES Premier as the higher level package at a more expensive rate. They also offer free resources in their online library including live webinars, scholarship newsletters, and an interactive map of scholarships with over 6 million scholarships available.

Top Tier Admissions

Top Tier Admissions is a scholarship consulting service that helps students find the best scholarships for them. They help with everything from applications to essays. They also provide general information on financial aid and how it works. The cost of their services is $1,295 for the first year. This can be reduced by 20% if paid in full at the time of purchase or 10% if paid in full when renewing.

FASFA Financial Aid Advisors

FASFA Financial Aid Advisors is one of the best scholarship consulting services on this list. They have a team of professionals who specialize in determining how much aid you should be eligible for. Their services include a personal consultation that analyzes your financial situation and provides an easy-to-read estimate of what your total cost will be after applying for aid. The FASFA Financial Aid Advisors team also provides an extensive list of scholarship opportunities from which you can choose to find the scholarships that are best suited for you.

Ivy Coach

Ivy Coach is the best scholarship consulting service for students who want help securing a full ride. They offer competitive rates for their services as well as flexible payment plans so you can be confident that you will be able to afford them. Ivy Coach also has a wide variety of options for scholarships that are perfect for students with different needs. You can contact Ivy Coach through email, phone call, or live chat. If you’re interested in finding out more about their services or other scholarships, contact Ivy Coach today!


A scholarship is a grant awarded by a group or organization in order to encourage education. Scholarships are often given for excellence in the fields of art, science, music, and other subjects. It’s important for students to apply for scholarships because it helps them pay for college expenses that are not covered by other funding sources.


Fastweb is one of the 9 best scholarship consulting services. It’s a company that offers its clients the opportunity to search for scholarships from over 1.4 million on their website. Fastweb’s cons are that it charges a fee for most consultations, which limits its clientele since not everyone can afford this service. Another con is that it primarily focuses on undergraduate scholarships rather than graduate ones.

Springboard America

Springboard America is a scholarship consulting service with a very clear mission: To help more low-income youth from underserved communities enter and graduate from college. With personal mentorship programs for students, scholarships for those who need it most, as well as a job search program for seniors in high school or college. The 9 Best Scholarship Consulting Services can be hard to choose from – but Springboard America seems like one of the best.

Foundations of Excellence Foundation Support & College Search LLC

College is expensive, so when you find a scholarship or need help with scholarships that are offered by foundations or organizations in your hometown, it is worth exploring.

There are many different options out there for scholarships. Some of the more common ones include local scholarships offered by your city or state government.

There are also many private scholarships available from companies and organizations that have a vested interest in helping students get an education.
Foundations of Excellence Foundation Support & College Search LLC is one such organization that offers a scholarship program for high school seniors. This program provides up to $3000 per year for up to four years of college tuition for students who plan on pursuing their degree at an institution located in the United States of America.

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